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St. Anton am Arlberg

Skiing is Austria’s national sport & favorite hobby; the country has hundreds of ski areas serving a population about the size of WA & OR combined.┬áMany of them are small local hills churning out the best ski racers of any country in world, but there are quite a few large resorts. Most famous among them is Sankt Anton am Arlberg, […]

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One day during our stay with Helene & Max – see my Markt Schwaben post – they drove us to the appropriately-named town of Wasserburg (water castle). It was built as a walled city on a sweeping curve in the Inn River such that the town is surrounded by water on three sides. The Inn River (the same one that […]

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Markt Schwaben

My wife, Anya, grew up in Belarus, the country that bore the brunt of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. In the years that followed, a German woman living just outside Munich set up an organization that brought Belarussian kids effected by the disast...

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