One day during our stay with Helene & Max – see my Markt Schwaben post – they drove us to the appropriately-named town of Wasserburg (water castle). It was built as a walled city on a sweeping curve in the Inn River such that the town is surrounded by water on three sides. The Inn River (the same one that gives Innsbruck it’s name) sweeps down from Alpine glaciers, and in the Middle Ages provided an easily-defensible spot to built a town.

Several streets have covered promenades on both sides where the buildings overhang the walkway. On the walkway are giant wooden doors (like medieval manhole covers) that lead to the cellars where food & beer could be stored.



We ate some Bavarian food and drank beer in a traditional Bierstube (pub), and then walked around to take pictures. Bavaria is sprinkled with little towns like this – places where the city hall was built before Columbus’ arrival in America. They’re pieces of a different world- a pleasant one to visit. All of our pictures from both Markt Schwaben and Wasserburg are on Flickr.


wasserburg pano



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