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Despite the rise of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Boeing actually remains the Seattle area’s largest private employer. Anyone who pays even passing attention to local media hears a lot of talk about Boeing: big orders they receive, negotiations with their labor unions, and most prominently, the production and rollout process of the 787 “Dreamliner”. I was eager to […]

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Skyline Loop


After returning from Europe I had a couple of weeks without my girls to catch up on all the things that having a baby has made it harder to do. At the height of a gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer, for me that meant getting up into the mountains. Mount Rainier National Park is one of my favorite places on the […]

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After my stay in Sweden, I flew to Birmingham (the one in England, that is), to visit my friend Matt. He arrived a few hours before me but, unlike me, he was planning to stay for a while. He recently accepted a job at the University of Birmingham and was moving there for good. It was my first time visiting […]

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Uppsala & Sigtuna


During my stay in Stockholm, I took a day long “Viking tour” to visit some locations of historical significance outside of the city. Although I can’t claim any Swedish heritage that I know of, the area of Minnesota where I grew up was populated primarily by Scandinavian immigrants. Combined with the fact that my name is spelled the Swedish way […]

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My wife Anya recently decided to take our daughter to visit family in Belarus. She was understandably reluctant to take a 9 month old baby on a Transatlantic flight without any help, so I decided to tag along. Airfare to Europe has categorically been very expensive this summer, but with some hassle we were able to scrounge up acceptable tickets […]

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We recently added a new member to our family – a little girl. Having a baby has put travel on the back-burner for the last 6 months while we were busy pursuing a different type of adventure. But we’re not going to stop traveling just because we have a kid, and she’s going to have to learn how to do […]

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Ahh, Hanalei. I daydream about this place more than anywhere else that doesn’t involve skiing, which is funny because it’s about as far from snow as you can get. If you’ve found a more perfect beach town – anywhere – please let me know where it is. We went to Kauai for a week this summer, and although we stayed […]

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